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About Groton
The Town of Groton was founded in 1655 and is located in Middlesex County. Groton is home to two well known private schools the Groton School and Lawrence Academy.

Also home of the National Sheply Hill Horse Trails since 1987 and hosts the New England Horse Training championship which brings visitors from all over New England.

Points of interest include the Governor Boutwells House which is now called the Groton Historical Society Museum along with an Old Burying Ground whose tomb stones date back as early as 1704 and all through the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

For those in town during the month of September stop at the Groton Fest to enjoy music, food and much more.

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2015 GPC October Three Phase Schooling

When: Oct 11, 2015 12 AM to Oct 11, 2015 12 AMin Groton, Massachusetts (Sun, 11 Oct 2015 00 )
Stillness Powered Barn Day & It Rocks! Charlie Farren Live, Yoga & Meditation, Horse rides...
JOIN US LIVE WITH CHARLIE FARREN ROCK/POP MUSICIAN; Other Musicians may join. A FAMILY FUN EVENT!! YOGA & MUSIC & BARN FUN COMBINED!! Stillness Power teaches Yoga & Meditation. If you want to learn these ancient practices that bring well-being and peace, then the "Proof Is In The Practice" says the founder of Stillness Power and at this family fun event is a great chance for you to experience "The Stillness". Charlie FARREN has long been known for great songs, great singing, and for outstanding live solo acoustic performances. Alone onstage with acoustic guitar in hand, Charlie captures an audience with his unique delivery, insightful lyrics, memorable songs, soaring vocal, and subtle yet innovative guitar style. It wasn't always quite so subtle, as Charlie formed this original self-taught style with a history of successful, hard-crunching rock bands throughout the 1980s. Hlnes Stables offers a Recreational Program every summer which includes horse backing riding lessons. Her farm raises her produce organically. Her farm practices are something we can learn from. With goats, especially baby goats to pet, children can spend delightful time at her stables. This great event allows you to do little of everything. YOGA & MEDITATION & EXPERIENCE STILLNESS, HORSE BACK RIDES FOR CHILDREN, FACE PAINTING, HENNA TATOOS & MORE ICE CREAM, SMORES; A FROSTING ON THIS DELICIOUS DAY

When: Aug 22, 2015 2 PM in Groton, Massachusetts
Cost: 0 - 5 USD (Sat, 22 Aug 2015 14 )
AppsEvents Groton Google Cloud Camp
Join us for a wholeday of learning, discovery & fun! TheGroton Cloud Campfeaturing Google for Education focuses on authentic and valuable ways to use the Google for Education Tools. The training keeps the beginner in mind while providing those ready to level up with unique uses and tips for using Google apps in the classroom, organization, for productivity or collaboration. Just getting started? Follow Google Essentials ~ Communication, Management & Productivity Mail Calendar Drive Forms Need classroom integration skills? Beyond the Core ~ Engaging Students of All Ages Facilitating Learning Effectively in the Google Classroom w/ Docs, Slides & More Chrome Apps & Extensions Forms for More ~ Quizzes, Extensions & AddOns Whiz. Bang. Draw. Creative Uses for Draw in the Classroom Want to Get on the Coding Bus? Geek Out with Coding Initiatives Create your first Android App with MIT AppInventor Google First Coding Clubs How to Host and Hour Of Code Scripts ~ Make it! Take it! The training is also a good preparation for Google Certified Educator qualifications.

When: Oct 17, 2015 8 AM in Groton, Massachusetts (Sat, 17 Oct 2015 08 )

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